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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. the bay area has power ball fever. we'll show you the long lines. south bay. as a woman is carjacked. and takes matters into her own hands to escape. >> pam: now at eight. powerball ticket the lines are long. the odds are longer. but nothing can slow the sales of powerball tickets. >> pam: to the bay area's luckiest store, where people have been pouring in all day for a chance at tomorrow's 600=million dollar= plus jackpot. new tonight at 8-- there's still time to buy your shot at that what could be a record breaking jackpot. kron 4's dan kerman is live
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in the east bay tonight. outside what some say is the luckiest place to buy a lotto ticket in the bay area. >> pam: dan? it is shaping up to be a >> reporter: not like to show you some video from the earlier the lines or even longer. again this is a record check record breaking jackpot. competing against people in 42 states and the virgin islands and the district of columbia. everyone knows exactly what they are born to spend their money on it, if they win. >> pay off the irs in an >> a some to my church and to my kids and we will share. >> i will protect it triptych my wife, and boron world pay off my house.
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>> i will take my wife on a trip and goal all round the world and pay off my house. >> reporter: not a better chance at finding a pearl in an chorister then winning this crazy power ball feet high as 101 and 175 million. >> reporter: you guys came home away from richmond >> because my mother sent me, because we will weekend. because we will when.
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>> reporter: i have my $2 tickets right here, so we all have a chance. it only takes about 20 minutes or shorter to get to the-but they have seen lines out the door possibly two hours from 4 news >> pam: bay area. kron 4's anny hong joins us now from our weather center. forecast. anny? >> boy who was it pretty windy out. you see the tree blend around and the wind and temperatures were quite cooler in some areas. fairfield you have a wind gust of 20 mi. per hour and
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20 in oakland at 15 mi. and there and thirty in fairfield. temperatures boy did is still pretty cool especially in livermore. san jose could evening to you you are at 60 degrees. clear conditions to night but still breezy and maybe some more clouds patchy possibly. a little warmer tomorrow and beyond that the fault should be at a minimum. s >> pam: >> pam: new tonight at 8-- the san jose police department is asking for the public's help. in finding a suspect who carjacked a woman early this morning. it happened in a dennys parking lot.
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kron 4's charles clifford has details from the south bay. this is surveillance video >> reporter: of the man that the san jose police department says carjacked a 45 year old woman early friday morning in the parking lot of a denny's restaurant along blossom hill road. >> reporter: police say that around 4:30 friday morning, the victim, had just pulled into this parking when the suspect opened the door of her car and forced his way into the drivers seat. the victim moved over to the passenger seat. the suspect then drove the car out of the parking and headed northbound along sanchez drive. the victim, still sitting in the passenger seat, decided it was time to get out. >> reporter:literally the car was traveling about 40 mph and our victim decides, in fear for her life, that she's not going to go with this guy. she felt she had a better chance of survival by jumping that staying with this guy. >> reporter:when police arrived on scene they found the car empty and idiling along sanchez. the suspect was gone. the victim was found with multiple scrapes and bruises.
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>> reporter:luckily she was transported with non life threatening injuiries. the suspect is described as being 18-25 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 150 pounds anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department. in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: carjacked in the wendy's parking lot while the victim was just trying to eat in a parking lot in her car. jumping out of a moving car again and again, police asking the community to help find the suspect. >> pam: tonight, the port of oakland is closed. and will remain shutdown for the 24 hours. as officials investigate a tragic accident. a body has been pulled from a truck. that went off seventh street at the port of oakland, then into the bay. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. it happened around 1-30 this afternoon. crews responded. a diver entered the water. and was eventually able to retrieve the victims body. found 50- feet underwater.tonight,
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we're learning the victim was a longshoreman on duty at the time of the accident. >> the longshoremen would be sandy down for 24 hours until the other investigation of the accident. . and very sad thing that should not have happened. we will be investigating over the next 24 hours. ".next 24 hours." >> pam: still no word on what caused the incident. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: a south bay elementary school teacher is under arrest. accused of attempting lewd acts with a minor. this man. grant blair. works at old orchard school in campbell. >> pam: police say, blair contacted what he thought was a minor on the internet. and agreed to meet. it turns out. the minor was a police officer posing as a 13-year old. san jose police explain
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how they tracked down the suspect. we >> located a suspect by the use of a sting operation basically where a lot officer pose as the 13 road jews and non and others in of course the suspect a elementary school teacher took the bait and try to make a date with the 13 year-old juvenile. the officers arrested him. ".officers arrested him." >> pam: blair was arrested at a san jose park. and booked into santa clara county jail. he had been employed by the school for about a year. campbell police interviewed students at the school. to make sure there are no unreported incidents. they are also investigating his previous employment. >> pam: year's bay to breakers. kron 4 will bring you all the highlights of the big race. there are stepped up security measures this year.ollowing the deaboston mar.
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that includes banning large bags, small containers or carriers. only drawstring backpacks will be allowed. also, if anyone is not registered and does not have a bib, or tries to enter mid- race, they will be removed. in addition, all garbage can inserts along the race route. will be replaced with transparent bags so police can easily see in. >> this is one of the biggest need is we have in san francisco, not just locally however across the world people so. so we will lead to make that happen. >> pam: .make that happen >> pam: the bags will be switched out early sunday morning. as crews put up the barriers for the race. >> pam: online registration for the 102nd bay to breakers is now over. so now, you can only register in person. at the race expo. it is located at the san
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francisco design center on 8th street. it will be open tomorrow from 9 a-m to 6 p-m. also at the expo. booths showcasing everything a runner would want from shoes, to headbands, official race gear and tons of free snacks. bay to breakers only sold out for the 100th race. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- people lining up in the south bay. all for free dental work. kron 4's jeff bush is live outside the san jose convention center. where thousands of people are expected to show up over the course of the weekend. jeff? >> reporter: pam, about two dozen people up already lined up at the conviction center. other than, tepals and things like that does take video sold to show you what we are talking about. free screening done x-rays, and the minister of work and talk to doctors. people
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tbe that are receiving important dental work done that they would not be able to of four other ones. >> is horrible my teeth are so bad but i did not have any insurance a could not smile did not want to talk yet known, something like that. i am grateful. it's awesome! is a lot of people a year dad to not have minorities and not one of them. do not have money or teeth and i am one of them. >> pam: ahead at eight. a wildfire that threatened a school in southern
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california continues to grow. plus: the amgen tour of california is now in the bay area. a look at the race route. that includes some tough terrain. and: the cleanup begins. after deadly tornados rip through a texas town. next. through a texas town. next. for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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---------------------------- blank duet c-blank south bay. as a woman is police say that around 4:30 luckily she was transported the suspect is described as
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crews responded. a diver south bay. all for free school in southern >> pam: following tonight. at least 60 people have been injuries from a collision between two new york- area commuter trains. now officials are saying there is major track damage. which could impact the entire north-east corridor. the trains on the metro- north railroad commuter line, which serves new york afternoon. when one train derailed and smashed into the other. >> pam: southern california still battling a fast- moving wildfire. more then 250 acres have been scorched. since the flames broke-out this afternoon. right now, 19 nearby homes are under voluntary evacuation. at one point an elementary school had been threatened. no reports of anyone hurt, and no word yet on what may
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have sparked the fire. >> be wary of those trying to scam such as contractors try to help them rebuild their homes. >> pam: the missing have been accounted for after tornadoes pounded the area wednesday, leveling homes and killing six the national weather service through leveling the area. start letting residents back into the area to survey the damage tomorrow morning. governor rick perry describes the scene asperry toured one of the hardest hit, granbury, texas, today. >> pam: terrifying ordeal. . those residents to be wary of those who might try to scam residents as they try to find contractors to help them rebuild. >> pam: the 2013 tour of california cycling race is now in the bay area for the final three stages. helicopter partnership with abc-7 news of stage six today in san jose. the cyclists began the 750- in santa rosa on sunday. shows us the routes for the final two stages.
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>> reporter:stage 7 is 92 miles long and begins at 11:30 am on saturday morning near downtown livermore. bikers hills of east contra costa county. then they turn east towards the town of byron before looping back to livermore. riders will then face what may be the most challenging climb of the entire tour. they will have to race up this winding road to the 3800 foot summit of mt diablo. >> reporter: stage 8, the final leg of the tour of california, is 80.7 miles long. it begins in san francisco.. here at the marina green... at >> reporter: golden gate bridge will be temporarily closed down as riders head north. after crossing the bridge the race will turn west and follow highway one through stinson beach and marin county. riders then turn east into sonoma for a sprint to the finish in downtown santa rosa. organizers estimate around 11:30 am on sunday > >> reporter: heights to that, boy at a lot of us a lot cooler in fact some of was below average including seven francisco only getting down to 61 degrees 66 in oakland. no '80s on the map
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atoll 73 for napa temperatures renown are cool down to the fifties and sixties. 58 in livermore, 63 in fremont and san jose. the one man has the wind is the other big story in the weather today. 21 in oakland, winds up to 30 mi. per hour and 21 in half moon bay. all lot of us had had that flew off. no greater returns high pressure gain strength. the gradual warming especially by monday. high for saturday is a little warmer compared that today. 74 redwood city
8:19 pm
724 oakland. low eighties for antioch and their field and are in the low eighties for napa but orza to rose up. santa rosa. bay to breakers and will be a cool start with you may want to bring out a sweatshirt and sunglasses. minimum fault. fog. all that fun craziness 62 through 67 mostly by 10:00 a.m.. monday is our hottest day. and remember you ch
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whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines it's on comcast 193 and you >> pam: the registration and ticketing process for bay to breakers is a massive undertaking especially this year, now that you have to have an official racers bib to run or walk on the course. this has led to a rush of people registering online last minute for the big event. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate visiwi t local tech company behind the registration and ticketing to see how it all works. >> bay to breakers is a san francisco, constitution and we have the opportunity to ticket bay to breakers we were thrilled. >> reporter: before the fund began tens of thousands of people have to register for bay to breakers, they have to get a bit of a bit of the eib. yvette bright is a
8:21 pm
select easy e-mail ticketed services they use the late >> i think it took me about to meant to finish our registration process this year. you and the official part of the race and the entire part of that experience. runners can call and then right are customers search service team behind us in the office so we are available 247 of available to help anyone. the gate slate kron 4 news
8:22 pm
>> pam: bay to breakers -- presented by craigslist -- is just two days away. kron 4 will bring you all the fun starting at 8-am. we'll have cameras and crews all along the course -- giving you two hours of coverage so you won't miss a step. bay to breakers -- sunday >> reporter: and sampras's " legend with him more stories in this broadcast.
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>> pam: what's better than pulling a cookie from a cookie jar? finding a winning lottery ticket! that's what happened to ricardo cerezo of illinois. he was cleaning out a cookie jar filled with old lottery tickets, when he came across a winner worth more than four- point- eight-million- dollars. >>when i realized we had all six numbers, it was like whoa, that shocking moment like can this really be. i called my son over and asked him to double check this. and he looks it through and goes, yup looks like a winner.
8:25 pm
>> pam: cerezo says, he was facing foreclosure but will use the lottery winnings to pay off his home.
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>> pam: still ahead-- it's the second largest lottery jack-pot in u-s history. powerball is now more than 600 million. how californians are largely to thank for the large pay- >> pam: plus: a remarkable story. a local woman quits her job. and starts a restaurant here in the bay area to help
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visit t today >> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. a deadly shooting on highway 880. following last night's warriors playoff game. this is video from the scene. northbound 880 between jackson and broadway. where around 10:30pm thursday night. shots were fired from a black s-u-v, at two people driving in a white porche panamera. >> pam: c-h--p says the victims were contra costa county residents. >> pam: the driver lost control of the careventually hit the center dividecausing the passenger to be ejected onto the freewaywhere he was struck by at least one vehicle >> pam: the san jose man at the center of a violent rampage earlier this week. that left two of his family members dead, and a third seriously injured, appeared in court today. 28-year-old ruben ramirez is accused of fatally stabbing his mother and one-year-old nephew gabriel.
8:31 pm
>> pam: his 3-year old niece, who survived and remains in the hospital. ramirez is being held on no bail. the port of oakland will remain closed for the next 24 hours. as officials >> pam: investigate a tragic accident this afternoon. a body has been pulled from a truck. that went off seventh street at the port of oakland and into the bay. >> pam: this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. a diver was eventually able to retrieve the victims body. found 50- feet underwater. >> pam: lotto fever is sweeping california.and 42 other states. grant lodes is here with a look at the powerball jack- pot that everyone wants to win! >> reporter: is the second- largest lotto jackpot that everyone wants to win. if no one wins tomorrow night the
8:32 pm
record-setting power board jet cockpits while to a wrong $1 billion! since power ball came to the state just last month tickets have made up 11% of more than $80 billion spent and if you win a lump-sum payment would be about $376 million. bottle tickets cost $2 each the jackpot already tops the previous power bar record of 575 million. and the 600 and the 6 million make a million last march. you can get your ticket until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow i am grant lotus kron 4 news.
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>> pam: the reason budget was off because it did not take into consideration of the improving economy and higher capital gains. ".nats of closing bell" the stock market continued >> pam: its march higher for a fourth straight week. both the dow and s-and-p 500 closed at record highs after a measure of consumer confidence rose to its highest level in nearly six years. >> pam: here are the closing numbers. the dow rose 121 points to close at 15,354. the nasdaq composite rose 33 points the s-and-p 500 climbed 17 points to 1,666. >> pam: today is the one year anniversary of the rocky start to facebook's i-p-o. . after the share price peaked at 45-dollars on i-p-o
8:34 pm
day-- the price plummeted. and the biggest challenge has been how to make money from mobile. in the last year, facebook has worked to move ads from the side of the page and into the news feed. and it seems to be working. at the time of the i-p-o, facebook was getting less than 15-percent of its ad revenue from mobile. >> pam: today, it's 30- percent. but there are still plenty of challenges ahead. >> facebook says its user-base has gotten older and it risks losing younger users. >> pam: most americans were impacted in some way by the great recession. but as alison kosik explains, a whole generation may feel the brunt of it. even decades from now.
8:35 pm
>> is jinnah excerpts will soon be dealing with the effects of the financial delta up downtown well into their retirement. between the ages of 36 and 47 can save half of the state need for retirement which is far below of the 100 percent financial planners represent. even before the recession came along, between 2007 and 2010 the group almost lost 40 + 45% of their wealth. causing them to lead behind old and young bloomers. stewed loan payments also look bad generation with higher debt payments. younger boomers.
8:36 pm
about $60,000 in older boomers carry less than $40,000. experts say it's not an issue that should be taken lightly pay off your debt and save more will run a tough tough financial choices. and allison caustic in new york. >> >> 21 in oakland also 15 mi. per hour sustained winds recorded in san jose. 30 mi. per hour wind gusts and fairfield in the '50s and 60
8:37 pm
degree temperatures right now. 59 for our friends in oakland and 55 for a downtown san francisco. for his son sean for the weekend while warming things up closer to the '80s and talents to moscow.tomorrow. >> pam: as a juvenile corrections officer, teresa goines got frustrated seeing young men caught up in the criminal justice system. so, she quit her job and started a restaurant here in the bay area to help troubled teens turn their lives around. this s their inspiring story, in their own words. >> "i used to get into trouble. i was selling drugs. >>there was domestic violence in my home. i didn't see a future for myself." >>"once i had a record, i felt like i wouldn't be able
8:38 pm
to get a job, so i would just go back to doing what i used to do." >>"you guys are the ones taht know better than anybody, you're the ones that have to change." >> i worked as a juvenile corrections officer. >>often, young people would get out ready to start a new life, but you put them back in the same exact environment, and they would come back to jail. >>witnessing that over and over, i could not not do something about it. >>i'm teresa goines. i started the old skool cafe. it's for young and at risk youth. it gives them the skills and opportunities to change the lives. "everybody needs to be paying attention." >>our program provides four months of hands on training. our motto here is: jump in and learn. if they complete that successfully, they get the chance to apply for an employee position. "we do the hiring. we do the firing. we do reviews."
8:39 pm
"you know what it means to have a sense of urgency." i want them to keep rising up in leadership and management. the theme of the restaurant is the 20s, 40s, harlem renaissance. i see my role as being support staff. >> "all i used to do is make pot pies and grilled cheese. now, i'm cooking everything on the menu." >>"it's a lot of opportunities. i know this will help me stay out of trouble." >>the core of it is giving them hope. >>"i'm going to be my own boss." >> "i'm going to be an room >>"i'm going to be successful." >>once that light goes on, whatever they do, they're on their way to fly. r >> pam: old skool cafe is located on mendell street in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. and is open thursday through saturday. still ahead-- look at 'em.
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a city in wisconsin wants to fight obesity one neighborhood at a time. the city of eau claire is looking at mapping obesity in the community. the county health department says the data would be calculated using the body mass index. they say that by mapping, city officials can get a sense of what neighborhoods might need more attention. those areas could potentially see more walking trails and parks. but some residents feel this is an invasion of privacy. >> the and and this is very and they sell for city to even try to do something like that. you do not need to know where the " on " bigger people live to monitor the city that way. >> pam: city officials say they plan to work with insurers, hospitals, or schools in order to collect data without breaking any laws. >> pam: bay to breakers -- presented by craigslist -- is just two days away.
8:43 pm
kron 4 will bring you all the fun starting at 8-am. we'll have cameras and crews all along the course -- giving you two hours of coverage so you won't miss a step. may 19th. >> pam: in sports. the giants try to keep momentum going from yesterday's big comeback win. . >> pam: the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you
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>> welcome back everyone! wendy and cooler. temperatures are definitely
8:45 pm
on the cooler side. 58 and livermore and 60 for sunnyvale 59 in san meant te'o. you're at 53 decrees, nevada. lots of sunshine tomorrow high-pressure gaining strength. 73 and san jose tomorrow east bay few more '80s low eighties in walnut creek, 80 and 684 friends in union city. so all of us become a little warmer starting to mount. lord 70's for our saturday afternoon. 53 by 8:00 a.m.
8:46 pm
temperatures than move to 55 plenty of sunshine into the 60s by noon 73 degrees as look at kron 4 the morning temperature speed improved then a warming trend continues and cools down in the lower 80s by wednesday back down into the '70s thursday and friday the next several days which are not looking at any rain. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: good evening everyone! sound full many of the 19,596 at oracle stayed long after to pay tribute to the team which youngest team in the league giants had a for nothing week. 55 giving up big grand slam. nine runs bumgarner with a tin at eight colorado's leading the giants right now. trailing kansas city as their royals 1. royals 1.
8:48 pm
here's curry today on last night's love-fest with the fans kevin johnson victory lap >> gary: it really was something they all cheered the king as they lost yester day. was the victim of headaches as he had to leave the game as he hit the floor was he thinking? >> my head is hurting i remember people saying state down, stay down! it was really crazy but i am glad to be here right now.
8:49 pm
>> gary: this team could really be something for a number of years. >> gary: probably the greatest golfer, can't retrieve passed at the age of 82. grow up in san francisco, 19 won the 1964 open. probably most well- known for 35 years of working in the broadcasting booth. group has been signed. >> gary: sharks blow lead, down 2-love with just 1:43 left in the 3rd period, the sharks blew a 3-2 lead in a span of 22 seconds after two penalties the kings scored to tie on a 2-man advantage
8:50 pm
and then 22 seconds later, still on the power play, the kings took the lead 4-3 just like that the sharks trail the series 2 games to none >> gary: joe thornton well-liked about that was that joe borden said it only took him about 10 minutes to get over that loss. todd mclellan best a thing about sure you always bounced back to us that trooper in new >> pam: (laughter)
8:51 pm
>> gary: i told lisa at dinner alecia what did i say! alicea with this i say? >> jacqueline: >> gary: it tam left we were really have some bomb about her who will
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: this year's warriors do you have a favored
8:55 pm
>> gary: joe montana and to john taylor was by ferreting and historic game it was washed his last game you remember because you were there washes last game so that was from my favorite team plus all the players randy cross, joe, steve they all had personalities creek to deal with. >> gary: vogelsong struggle for tenures, had to go to japan to keep his career alive. now try to sound like a guy but he had all the moaning needs. so i kind of
8:56 pm
rip guys that need some more. listen, you have to read if you want to stay on the air. but i tend to respond the ones who already had made. shows the character and me. >> do you think lebraun james has caught michael jordan? >> gary: wahl do not have x pam will do not ask pam. >> lying in santos think you tend to laugh everything off
8:57 pm
>> lying in santos think you tend [ male announcer ]g off citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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citibank mobile check deposit. [starting pistol fires] (male announcer) and there's the starting gun. kicking off the 25th annual chronicle marathon, san francisco. over 6,000 runners in the race today. and it is perfect running weather. and there is tonday mawwaka, number 534. what a story he is. the legendary "proud lion." he's a two-time olympic champion and he's come all the way from his homeland of nigeria to run in today's event, which he's referred to as his final lap. of course, tonday's threatened to retire before. but, you know, if this does turn out to be his valedictory race, it'll be quite a day to remember. we'll, of course, be checking in with his progress all through our continuous coverage of the marathon. two cameras? yeah. in case one breaks. where is he? well, he won't be near the front. i mean, you know, he's 65 years old. 63. he's my idol. did i mention that?